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About Us

 Mainline Services has been performing high quality sewer scopes since 2012 protecting thousands of real estate investments. Dewayne Melvin started this company to right a wrong. Being a former employee of a plumbing company, he discovered unethical behavior by many of the sewer scopers. In order to right the wrongs in the industry he started Mainline Services. He then worked with Denver's channel 4 investigates exposing hundreds and thousands of dollars in plumbing fraud. Companies were making false diagnoses to charge for repairs with large commissions and kick backs. With Mainline Services, he set out to make a difference in the industry.


As a scoping-only company, we don't stand to gain anything by calling for unnecessary repairs. We don't do any repairs or take kickbacks from repair companies. We perform high quality sewer scopes with integrity, as a scope should be done. With the highest rated technology available on the market, we perform high definition video scopes with photos and written reports uploaded to our clients within 24 hours.

Property sewer scopes are vital in real estate purchases. Educated investors know shifting soils, roots, poor construction, and even time can all cause serious and expensive damage to these properties. These mainline damages can become costly at upwards of $30,000 to repair.

 We don't nickel and dime our customers for toilet pulls, locates, crawl spaces, etc. Our competitively low all-inclusive price is set no matter how difficult the access point. If the line is not accessible, you don't pay a dime!


 We are the only national board certified sewer scoping company in all of Colorado and have now opened our doors to serve the Dallas - Fort Worth metro plex. With our team of highly trained sewer line technicians, you can be sure to feel confident in your real estate investment. 

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