Fraud in the Plumbing Industry

Updated: Jul 3

Mainline Services is a sewer line inspection company dedicated to helping protect your home and family. Unfortunately, the plumbing industry is heavily unregulated. As a result, some companies have taken advantage of home owners selling their home during the critical closing time. We have uncovered hundreds and thousands of dollars in fraud. Plumbing companies have uploaded fake videos and photos of sewer scopes, reporting false damage, and telling homeowners they have extensive repair costs that must be address right away in order to sell their home. Mainline services has performed thousands of diagnostic second opinions for homeowners exposing this fraud and protecting homeowners. As an inspection company only, we don't stand to gain anything by reporting damage. In 2013 we worked with Denver's Channel 4 Investigates exposing fraudulent claims in the industry. Click the link below to read the full expose:

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